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About Spiral Tree Guard

Ansini’s Spiral Tree Guards are manufactured at our Pleasley Vale facility using 100% recycled PVC scrap material generated from our Plastic Packaging Production.

PVC is a durable long lasting plastic that offers at least 4 seasons of protection to the sapling even at high UV exposure levels and will gradually over the years break down into minute inert particles which will not harm the soil around the tree.

Spiral Tree Guards are very quick and easy to install, usually with the aid of a bamboo cane. 
Please follow the useful selection advice below when ordering.

A Guide to Spiral Tree Guard Usage

Tube Length
45cm (18”) - Vole 
60cm (24”) - Rabbit
75cm (30”) - Hare

For further information on common forestry pests please follow this link to the Forestry Commission website...

Tube Diameter
38mm for Whips and Hedge Planting 
50mm for Standard and Single Stem Trees

Clear - Enhance Growth 
Brown - Aesthetic Appearance

Ventilation holes can be added to Spiral Tree Guards at no extra cost. The use of ventilation holes has been known to help faster development of young trees and reduce the effects of mildew and leaf burn. If the planted area is going to be sprayed with chemicals, it is recommended that ventilation holes are not used on the guards. Please note, that 50mm diameter sizes are not available with ventilation holes.

If you require help in choosing your Spiral Tree Guards, please call 01623 812333 or for friendly advice and guidance.